About Us

Caylix Online is a web development agency that understands that what works for one business doesn't necessarily work for the next. Yet, we also understand the budget constrains of young, growing businesses. Therefore, we don't try to reinvent the wheel at a massive cost - we leverage from what has already been done, and provide our customers with a customised solutions built on a standardised engine.

Caylix Online is much more than a web development agency - what matters to us, is information and its management. We view a website as merely another (although vital step) to build a basis for information management and distribution.

As the electronic specialists of the Caylix Group, we take our responsibility to ensure that we are always on the edge of new technology, and the application thereof to business processes.

Rethink, Redo, Remaster

The internet is an ever changing environment where the few boundaries that still exist are fading fast.

To stay relevant in this new world, requires an adaptation of the very way that businesses and projects view their communication and information management functions.

Rethinking your strategies, redoing your systems to reflect these thoughts and the implementation of steps to help you remaster your business or project's way of engaging with the world, are what we are good at!

Caylix Online, working together with Iinfo and SA Back Office Solutions, believes in building South Africa through providing extensive training and local job opportunities.

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